11 Oktober 2010

every girl wants to be treated like this

First, i wanna say "I LOVE THIS SONG!!"

Bruno Mars did very well when he composed this song!! I gotta say, i love his voice, this video, and the song in general. He has great talent, and i got to see more amazing songs by him.

As a girl, i really want someone sang this song to me, and maybe i'd probably cry that really happened. #eaaa #lebay

If you are a guy, you should sing this song to her! Especially in this part :
"when i see your face, there's not a thing i would change. because you are amazing just the way you are. "
I bet, she'll be blushing, crying, or maybe swoon.. HAHA

Today, i wrote comment to the video of bruno mars on youtube
" Every girl wants to treated like this :) "
WOW!! i got 52 people to vote up my comment!!
mmm... maybe 52 girls (not people) is more precisely

See what the respond from guys about my comment :
@JinKnight: idont want you to lie to every girl, just sang this song to a girl that you loved :)
@irockas: yes! you're rite! Im a girl! :)

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