28 Juni 2010

Weekend Photograph

Hi people, this is my first post. hohoho.. it's kinda awkward for me to start blogging. cuz i guess no one read my blog.. (yea.. i hope somebody read this, starting from you..)
I like to start blogging cuz i got the spirit of YFF ( Young, Fat and Fabulous ). the YFF makes me feel more comfortable with my size (cuz i felt so not confident with myself before) and i got a lot of change about how do i look, how do i get dressed and i get better in anything..
So i would like to thank to Gabi (as the writer of YFF), cuz you are really my inspiration.. hohoo

And in this first , i just wanna share about what i did last weekend with my girls. It's hard for us to get together in weekday because of our job. But the weekend is the answer! Yes we had fun! We went to culinary tours, watched movie ( the Red Co-bex ) , and took some pictures (as usually!).

Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week. ~ Joseph Addison

2 komentar:

  1. mantep222222222
    mantep dahh,,blog emang pacar gw,,smoga anda ketularan dan bisa sekeren saia

  2. iye neng.
    baru mulai nih.
    dan kayaknya bakal ketagihan



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